asked Jun 25, 2017 at 5:32am
Hp HP Color LaserJet CP2025DN

The printer try to print the motor sound inside continue running, but cannot be print.

I'm have try to color calibration sometime success sometime not. also try to perform head cleaning but not achieve and sometime show the error message 59.C0 Error Turn off the on

When I'm have do as recommended sometime success sometime not, almost not success.

I'm try to find out the error code "59.C0 Error" is "Developer motor rotation error" some of the person have the trouble like a me. They have to do so many part changing such as all developer motor, Transfer belt, fuser


1.All color are new(Genuine Part)

2.Intermediate transfer belt still good condition.

3.Sometime when I try to printing demo page it can be print out but get distorted color, However almost cannot print the demo page only hear the repeat sound then I must cancel the printing demo page by myself.

4. Performed head cleaning always not success, must be turn off the power.

5. Printer can be communicate with PC as well.

6. I'm have try to upgrade firmware and also printer driver are updated.

Anyone please suggest or analyze my trouble for minimized changing the spare part, Thanks in advance.

They've changed all the recommended items: transfer belt, developing motor. My guess is it is just bad toner cartridges; sometimes we see them "frozen" where they won't turn.

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