asked Jun 1, 2017 at 3:38pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4L

Where can I buy specific parts for the HP 4L

I just picked up a used HP Laserjet 4L, just when I was trying to shove the paper tray back into the printer, I forced the tray harder than usual, and off came this black tab pieces that has a little roller type pin wheel, I think the part is used to assist the pick up of the paper and or used to guide the tray into the printer, or utilized in such a way as to pick up the paper from the tray and feed it through the printer... anyone know where I can start? It's a small part that may be part of a

As you can imagine, parts are kind of hard to come by for a printer this old. You can start by figuring out where the part came from by finding it in the service manual.,%204ML,%204P,%204MP%20Service%20Manual.pdf

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I think the part that you are referring to is a black plastic part that sits in the front on the left side. It has one screw holding it on. I can't see how you could break it shoving the tray in.

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