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Hp HP Color LaserJet 3500

Page streaks, smudging and excess toner on transfer belt

I wonder if anyone could help me. I've had this printer a few years and from time to time this would happen for a couple of pages and then all would be well again for several weeks. Apart from once a few years ago I have always used genuine hp toner cartridges. Then a couple of weeks ago I needed a yellow and bought what I was told was a genuine one from eBay.

It looked ok, packed properly and labelled etc but when I loaded it the led window said it was not genuine. I chucked it and got another (genuine) Ever since then I have had almost endless streaking and smudging.

Aside from loading the toner cartridges and printing, I really don't know much about laser printers at all. I've googled and saw that someone suggested a new fuser unit to remedy this. That arrived today, I ran off ten or so pages to see if it clears, but no, still lines/streaks/smudges. I've noticed that there is quite a lot of toner on the transfer(?) belt, all the colours and I wipe it off but then it starts over.

I really can't afford to buy another laser printer so I would like to get this one in order - does anyone have any idea on what I should do?

All help will be very gratefully received.

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Let me explain how the process works. The drum on the cartridge has the image written on toner for each color. The transfer belt charges the back of the paper and pulls the toner down onto the front of the paper from the cartridge drum. As each drum rotates, a wiper blade in each cartridge cleans any excess toner and dumps it in a waste container in the cartridge. The fully printed page then travels through the fuser assy. and the heat from the fuser seals the image onto the page. The usual causes for streaking are a failed wiper blade in the cartridge. This is similar to a bad windshield wiper blade. The streaks are visible on the surface of the drum. In your case, it is highly unlikely that all 4 colors would streak at the same time. Other causes would be toner leaking from the cartridges.

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