asked May 4, 2017 at 6:15am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

all 3 lights on

My printer has been working fine for years. I had a noise inside my laserjet 1200. Which I was able to fix thanks to this website. When I put the printer back together and powered the unit. It went through the normal 3 light cycle at startup but all lights stayed on. The manual says fatal error.

HP says that the 1200 is TOO OLD to try and fix.

Is this printer truely dead or did I not reassemble the sidewall properly and could there be a sensor triggering the error?

I've tried power off for an hour and disconnecting it from the USB port and power on without the INK. It stays with All lights are on.

If you press and hold the Go button, you will get secondary fail lights. That tells you the cause of the problem.

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1.Restart your Printer

2.If you are using USB printer then check usb cable and power cable connected to printer.

3.If it's Wi- Fi Printer then restart your Router or Modem provided by Internet service provider.

you can try to print now.

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