asked Mar 15, 2017 at 7:48am
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

6P prints single page but thinks it needs to pull another sheet and jams

Print 1 page, pulls from bottom tray, pulls 2nd sheet and jams with 1st sheet half way out to tray. Tried with manual feed. Does same, however, if only have 1 sheet in manual tray and bottom tray empty, prints fine. Noticed the metal flap visible under manual paper feed area rises 4 times after pulling 1st sheet like it is trying to find another sheet. All ends with no errors or resets if 2nd sheet is not pulled. Now it gets weird... it only does this when the ambient temperature is below 70F. Above 70 and all works normally.

Normally, this would be a pickup solenoid sticking. That is the metal plate you mention. It would stay down and then let the roller keep turning. There are 2 of them, one for each feed. As they get hotter, the problem gets worse. This is opposite to what you are saying. It makes absolutely no sense that when it gets warmer, the problem goes away. I've fixed thousands of them and this is just too weird. I would think that it could possibly be a DC controller, but I'm at a loss to explain why temperature would affect it. It would be my first and only thing to try, but I don't have much confidence in it.

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Yes definitely a solenoid sticking.

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Well the weather has warmed and my "cool" office is now 70 in the AM and the problem has gone away until next winter again. If there are 2 solonoids, one top and one bottom tray, why would both be doing the same thing? While it was really cold and warming one morning a few days back and I needed to print a good bit, I watched the metal plate moved up and down in the manual paper tray as I fed one page at a time. It raised and fed the sheet normally and repeated in a rhythmic pattern. Once the last edge of the fed sheet passed the plate, it continued 3 more times, warmer then 2, warmer then 1, then all worked fine again as the temperature warmed to 70. Is there some kind of lube on a cam or something that would thicken with the colder temp.

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