asked Feb 13, 2017 at 11:00am
Hp HP OfficeJet J4550

Print won't pull paper, so can't print.

brand new

Well first open the back door to make sure no packing material got wedged in the rollers or any other debris. Found plenty of foreign objects stuck in machines over the years, coins, credit cards, pencils/pens, dead bees, military metals, chunks of Styrofoam from box it was shipped in, etc.

All that aside if it still gives you trouble just return the printer if possible where you bought it from for either credit or another new printer. If you call HP for warranty they will hold a credit card on file for collateral then ship you a refurbished one and have you ship yours back in the same box with a prepaid shipping label but after you deal with their most likely foreign tech support who will first try guiding you over the phone in fixing it.

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