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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1900

CD/DVD tray not feeding far enough into printer

Hi, in the last week I've tried to print off my dvds on my epson R1900, there has never been a problem before now and I've had the printer for a very long time. Using the software I've adjusted the tray as far to the top as it will go 2mm but it's printing 2mm off from the top. The software won't let me adjust the tray any further towards the top so I'm thinking the printer is no longer feeding the tray in far enough as it is printing about 2mm on the tray itself leaving 2mm at the top of the DVD not printed on? Is there anyway to fix this?



never mind figured out my problem printer was too close to the wall.

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On the off chance that the plate is launched out when you begin a CD/DVD print work, the printer is not prepared. Hold up until you see a message on your screen requesting that you embed the plate. At that point reinsert the plate and press the paper button. Help Services By Assignment Empire

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I think it should be the software problem or may be hardware problem i didn't listen anyone faced this problem epson R1900 is a very good printer u think you should concern with repair service and call to the customer support team tell your problem they have the solution of your problem i also faced problems to print my HND Assignments with old and outdated printers.

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In case the plate is jump-started out when you start a print work, the printer isn't readied. Hold up until you see a message on your screen mentioning that you implant the plate. By then reinsert the plate and press the paper catch.

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In the event that the plate is kicked off out when you start a print work, the printer isn't prepared. Hold up until you see a message on your screen referencing that you embed the plate. By then reinsert the plate and press the paper gets.

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