asked Jan 10, 2017 at 9:45am
Hp HP DesignJet T1120

A mess of issues

Ok. I've been looking everywhere for information. I read a bunch of posts on here. So let me give a run down, and I'll explain what I've tried from this site.

Originally, we were having printing errors, so we brought the plotter in to replace the belt. That solved one issue, but created more problems. We have also replaced the line sensor and the carriage PCA to try to fix the problem. As it stands now, we have two main issues.

1. When using the cutter test in the diagnostic menu, the cutter works fine, but when we try to print (which now we can, but I'll get to that), it does not cut. We are not using a TUR nor a RIP. The cutter is enabled on both the software the image is sent from, and the plotter itself. I have determined that when it tries to cut at the end of a print job, it moves to the left to engage the cutter, but moves further than necessary and results in disengaging the cutter before moving to cut the paper. So that is issue number 1.

2. As mentioned above, we can print, but the quality is not good. It has streaks, which I have read that could be determined by either misaligned print heads, or by not calibrated paper advancement. So the natural issue is to calibrate the paper advancement and to align the print heads. Unfortunately, this is when we are given the 86.01 error. We have tried to lubricate the rod, clean and inspect the encoder strip for damage, and as mentioned, we replaced the belt. The carriage assembly moves freely when disengaged, but we did notice that the carriage assembly hits a part of the service station when it tries to dock. Is there a way we can fix this part so maybe we can set this up to calibrate this plotter to print correctly?

Thanks in advance.