asked Jan 8, 2017 at 3:14pm
Hp HP LaserJet 1020

Can I use 4092 toner in 1020?

I have a 4092 cartridge for a Laserjet 3200, but my printer is a 1020. My 1020 cartridge is running low and I was thinking about opening the 3200 cartridge and pouring the toner over into the 1020, like a third party refill but hopefully with the superior print quality of original toner. (The 1020 cartridge has never been refilled before)

The 3200 and 1020 both seem to have a 600 dpi native resolution, and they were introduced around the same time. Does that make it likely that they use the same toner formulation?

Has any of you tried something like this? Do you know if there is any site or data book where ink formulations are listed? I've read the 1020 uses 5 micron chemical toner with ~50% iron oxide, but that was just an online comment made by a HP support person.

Before using 4092 toner i recommend you to check Hp LaserJet 1020 Manual in which all ink cartridges are written that are well suited for your model.

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