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Epson Epson WorkForce WF-3520

Epson Workforce 3520 Error 0xf3


I picked up an Epson Workforce 3520 for $10, along with several unopened ink tanks. The printer powers on, but stops on "error 0xf3" as soon as the carriage reaches the rightmost home position. I've read a few brief articles, one indicating I should rock something back and forth 15-20 times (although it wasn't very specific...) however, I'm asking if anyone around here has any familiarity with these Workforce units. I'd love to get one up and running.

I also purchased a Workforce 3620 and Stylus NX515 which both print completely blank pages after print head cleanings. Is it safe to assume that these printers may be suffering from clogged or disconnected ink-vacuum tubes? I remember back in the day taking apart and cleaning *three* Stylus CX5400 units with clogged ink vacuum tubes. As soon as these tubes were cleared, the printers worked as normal.

Any advice is of course appreciated!

  • Remove the external component, remove all component, remove Ink tanks
  • remove windows
  • Remove Rear component
  • Dismount Ink lever
  • Remove Front pannel screws
  • Dismount LCD Pannel
  • Remove front pannel
  • Remove back panel screws
  • Remove main back panel, make attention to lcd display
  • More gently clean left encoder with a dry cleenex
  • More gently, Clean right encoder with a dry cleenex
  • If you want test the printer you need insert paper, and cover 2 switch with paper scotch.
  • Remount the printer (but before remove the scotch if you have used it) following in reverse mode the previous instructions.
  • Check Pictorial view at Epson WorkForce WF-3520 Manual.
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