asked Dec 22, 2016 at 2:13pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2605DN

vertical lines of different colours HP colour laserjet 2605dn

hi ive been troubleshooting my hp 2605dn started to get lines up whole page of different toner colours, lines were left on transfer belt after running getting worse... fact 1..all the toners have been refilled about 6 months ago got rid of yellow and magenta by just shaking toner cartridge hard and cleaning transfer belt and roller but cyan was getting worse so followed a ytube of how to dismantle cartridge you can prize one blue end off to remove the opc via the end with the triangle white drive spindle once 2 pins removed and 2 screws and front flap. this gives you access to the wiper blade another 2 screws and probably you will find the waste is full so empty it clean blade and reassemble make sure you make good the small metal contact on one side of the fixing for the cleaning blade hey presto works fine no lines... the waste on these is not very large so i think it overflows and puts toner back onto the opc so my advice is to make sure the waste is emptied on each refill ...the shaking is probably only tempory fix for the other toners and ill have to service them soon.....heres the youtube cartridge dismantle guide ... NOTE some cut the opc drum out Dont if you follow this guide and you can reuse it ... hope this helps others, saved me buying a whole new set of toner cartridges