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asked Dec 21, 2016 at 3:17pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Toner streaks all over page.

Had not used printer for awhile and when I tried printing, got wide dark streaks all the way across page. Changed toner cartridge twice. First one no difference. Second one printed good for about 20 pages then started doing same thing. Missing parts of print too. Also changed fuser. Toner cartridges are HP sealed in original pack but don't see any date. Has Numbers of 4F17Z4 on one and 4E13Z4 on the other. Original thought it was bad toner cartridge but now wondering if it could be something else. Appreciate any help.

They haven't been made in over 5 years. Therefore, they are all well expired. What is failing is the drum wiper blade. It is rubber and deteriorates brand new sealed in the box. You can find EX wiper blades on line http://uninetimaging.com/p/5969. 2 screws separate the 2 halves of the cartridge. Then you remove the metal plate on the end. Then carefully lift out the drum and wrap it in a towel and put it out of the light. The wiper blade has 2 screws holding it in. Be careful not to scratch or nick the drum while doing the procedure. They are only available in the 10 pack.

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