asked Nov 23, 2016 at 5:14am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo R2400

Paper Source software prevents printing

I use an intel iMac with OS 10.11.6. I also have OS 10.7 and OS 10.6 on other partitions. The problem I am about to describe applies to each of these OS systems. In each case I have several times replaced drivers both the Epson versions or the Mac/Epson version. For 10.11.6 it is a Mac supplied Epson Printer Proxy version 11.4 Driver v 9.0

I have been using the Epson 2400 for many years on earlier OS systems but as of OS 10.6 I have been unable to print. I am currently trying to test print a simple A4 page of an email which I have tried to print direct from Mail and also have saved message in two files, an RTF and an PDF and tried to print those with the same negative result.

When I try to print I receive an error message telling me the A4 paper source does not match the printer set-up. Having met with this problem in other applications from which I have tried to print, I know there are many dialogue boxes lurking on the system and print various print applications which need specifications to be matched accurately.

I will confine myself to one simple procedure of printing an email message. On 10.11.6, I go to Mail>File>Print and a simple dialog box requires number of copies and number of pages. I set for one copy of one page and click print.

My Epson Stylus Photo R2400 print queue shows a progress bar which indicates data is downloaded to the printer but will not print as "Paper size selected in the Page Setup box is not appropriate for the paper loaded in the printer".

I check Apple>System Preferences>Printer which shows the Default Epson Driver and the Default page size of A4 is correct.

So how is it possible that I get an error message?

It has occurred to me that the Driver software has been updated over so many years and that it may no longer support my ten year old printer model. If so Epson Support cannot confirm that.

Has anyone faced a similar problem and has a solution which I can try?