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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

Scanner error 3 and 2

Dear sirs,
I got an old HP2840, made it work properly but the scanner still gives me problems. When I turn on the printer, scanner assembly goes some 2" left, lights up the lamp and stays there. Some minutes later I get a "error 3" with one scanner assembly, "error 2" with other. The first seems to be a lamp problem (although I can't see differences between assembly #1 and #2) but second I just cannot understand. Service manual says "Scanner sets temporary LIGHT MONITOR WINDOW window.". I'm thinking about the formatter, but I live in Brazil and an (expensive) formatter comes with no warranty whatsoever. Any tips based on how it initializes? Already beeped the cables (step motor and scanner assembly) and everything is fine. Does the printer works with ADF connector off? Thanks and greetings from Brazil!

Personally I would start with cleaning the scanner mirrors, they can get a haze or dust over them causing the scanner error. Easiest way to start is remove the ADF glass, it's the small glass section to the left under the ADF lid. One screw in center holds a plastic cover that once removed you can slide a locking lever to remove the glass, then with power removed from machine you can turn the belt to get the scanner all the way left if it's not there already. Then just use a Q-tip to try to wipe the mirrors inside. You can try removing the whole glass top to get better access and clean them that way as well. I think most of the screws are on top once you get the ADF removed, might need to remove the control panel as well for a hidden screw or 2.

Service manual

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I have the same error did you find and solution please respond

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