asked Sep 7, 2016 at 11:51pm
Canon Canon Pixma MX340

error code/words "Document in ADF" Press [OK]

Other web searched for a fix to this problem resulted in folks with same printer saying same but no fixes offered by anyone......(sniff sniff)

Canon Customer Help Desk dude said warranty service and parts are no longer available (went from Jan 1, 2010 to Jan 1, 2016)

Any ideas? I just bought 3 pak of B&W cartridges from Sam's Club ($60!!)

I rarely used this beast of a printer, & then when kids needed it for school, and ai get new B&W cartridges, it does this !! Help !! (please?)

I am assuming that there is no document in the ADF. When you insert a document in the adf, it pushes down a thin plastic arm. The other end of the arm goes in and out of an optical sensor. Could be either the arm is stuck so the printer thinks there is paper in the feeder or that there is some dust or foreign object that got stuck blocking the optical sensor.

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I had the same problem!

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