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Ricoh SP C250DN I need to enter service mode

Anyone know how to enter service mode?

Idiot Cox Cable were making "improvements" to their network in my neighborhood and apparently drilled through the electric supply cables somewhere. When I discovered the mishap, I was getting full voltage to half of my house and around 65 volts to the other. My office just happened to be in that half of the house. Not sure if there was a voltage spike or what, but now upon powerup, my Ricoh says warming and then shows to Service Call SC542.

Anyone have a fix? From reading Google searches I understand I can clear the code if I can get into service mode. I have tried holding pretty much every combination of buttons upon startup, but only one does anything different, and it says FM, but does nothing.

I know this post is a few months old but I came across it when I had the same issue after a power outage. I finally got this reset after talking to Ricoh support. To get into the service mode you shut the power off on the printer. Hold down the Start/Stop button and the Escape button at the same time and while holding them, turn the printer back on. Let go only after you see the Service Maintenance menu. Scroll down with the arrows until you see the Eng Maintenance option and select it.

This first option didn't work for me but I wanted to mention it: Now scroll down until you find Fuser Reset and click it. It kind of just sits there for a few seconds and then when it is done it goes back to the main maintenance menu.

Second option that worked: Scroll down until you find Fuser SC Reset and click it. It seems to run through a reset and after turning it off and on again then it is back to being normal. I was able to print okay at this point.

NOTE: for full disclosure I was warned by Ricoh support that resetting this error relating to the Fuser is not safe and that it could overheat and start a fire in the printer. They are sending a technician to check it since I am still under warranty. But at the very least I wanted to share what I have experienced.

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