asked Aug 22, 2016 at 4:38pm
Konicaminolta Konica-Minolta MagiColor 2430DL

shadow printing and media jam

I have a Magicolor 2430 DL printer that only has about 2000 pages printed. Lately it has begun to print pages with a "shadow" copy about 6 inches below the real copy. I also have a "media jam fuser" error, the cause of which is unknown. There is no paper stuck in the paper path so I don't know how to clear it. I started to disassemble the printer and when I got to the fuser section it had a roll bar with old printing on it. Thinking this was the problem, I tried to clean it, first with alcohol and then I lightly sanded it. BAD MOVE. I thought the bar was ceramic, but it was a paper coated steel bar. Need a new one, I guess if they're available.Can you help me out with this, I haven't got nearly any of my money out of it. Thanks a lot.