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Epson Epson WorkForce WF-3540

black will not print after cleaning the nozzle head 5 times

black will not print after cleaning the nozzle head 5 times

There's way to clear your print head. Go to Youtube site of Jose Rodriquez. He's got a video on just about every aspect of printing. Put something like a folded shop towel, spray it with Windex, no deodorants etc. just the original Windex, no ammonia D, and some alcohol (not rubbing alcohol but 90 percent or some such). Fold towel into a strip about and inch and a half or so and put it in the cup like trough that the print head follows when printing. Start printer. Let printer just begin. When head moves out of the dock, and unplug the printer. Now you can move head manually. Maneuver head over the towel. Leave it overnight. You may need to do this many times. I had about given up when my print head cleared up. I think you need to see Jose's video, then you'll understand better. If you can't find it or you need more help, feel free to email me. There are other resources, but I wouldn't go for commercial cleaning kits. That's just me. And I'm leery of trying to put pressure through the head. I hope this helps. It's kind of brief. There is a man I found who had written almost a book on the subject. He's not anxious for his name to be given out however.

I'm sorry, I just noticed that you have Workforce printer and what I have recommended is for Epson 3880. But I hope you can still benefit from this information. Still, check out Jose's site. He may have something.

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