asked May 1, 2016 at 9:15pm
Brother Brother MFC 9340CDW

Toner Low Block

My printer just ran out of yellow toner and the stores are closed. I need to print in black and white only. Is there any way around this? I tried printing in black and white only through the print settings but it is still shut down.

The Brother MFC-9340CDW has a process to manually override the “Toner Empty” message, and reset the toner cartridges. Ensure the printer is switched on. Open the printer lid to reveal the toner cartridges. Press and hold the Asterisk key for five (5) seconds. The LCD should display a new menu. Select the cartridge you wish to reset. K = Black C = Cyan M = Magenta Y = Yellow STD = Standard Capacity Cartridge HC = High Capacity Cartridge SHC = Super High Capacity Cartridge. Reset? Will appear on the screen Select “Yes”. Close the printer lid.
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