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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 displays: "59.4 error - please turn off/on again" when trying to print/copy pages.

Hello there

I've got an annoying new problem with my 2840 printer. When trying to print or copy pages, it usually throws up the amber asterisk mark and the message: "59.4 error - please turn off/on again"

I've googled this, and it comes up as a "fuser error/fault". I've tried removing and reseating the fuser a number of times, and it basically allows somewhere between 1 and 5 new prints to be made before the problem returns. I've noticed that an auto-recalibration of the printer automatically causes the 59.4 error to return as soon as you try to print/copy immediately following the recalibration process completion.

Therefore, I've turned off the recalibration function from the menu permanently. I've also swapped the fuser from a 2550 printer (which is functioning perfectly) and is identical apart from subtly different backing plastics (which were also swapped) and the problem still remains, so this seems to rule out the fuser unit itself as the actual cause of the error occurring.

Anyone know what else I can change/adjust/fix to get back to normal reliable printing?

Many thanks indeed for any responses.

Fuser errors are 50.XX 59.4 is the fuser motor. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/posts/67008

Item 3 in this parts diagram http://www.printerworks.com/Catalogs/HP-Color-LaserJet-2800/105_CLJ2800.html

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