asked Jan 25, 2016 at 12:22pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

Hangs after a few copies...have to turn off to "unhang".

My HP4100 seems to hang after printing several pages of a print job. It varies between 3 and 7 depending on the source of the job. Thinking it may be a driver/communication issue I disconnected it from the print server and ran a 10 page paper path test from the printer menu. Same thing - it printed out 7 pages then fed a blank filled by "freezing". It just makes a lot of noise and gets hot (smell). The failed jobs always have that blank fed sheet before the freeze. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

That sounds an awful lot like a sticking solenoid issue. What happens is that after a few sheets, the solenoid gets hot and the pickup roller release plate sticks to the residue of a deteriorated foam damper. When it sticks, it allows the roller to continue rotating and that results in the blank sheet that was fed too early confusing the paper path sensor. Only way to fix it is to remove the printer from the cassette tray part and then you take the metal plate off the top of the tray to access the solenoid. You then have to remove the solenoid, take the spring and metal plate off and scrape off the gooey residue. It's recommended you replace it with a thin piece of sticky backed felt. You can find it at the hardware store. It's what they put on the bottom of chair legs to minimize scratching.

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That's a sticking pickup roller solenoid. You have to remove the printer from the paper tray to access it. Then you remove the metal plate on top of the tray and the solenoid is located at the right front. Simply remove the screw holding it and then take the metal plate off the top, careful not to lose the tiny spring. Then you scrape off the gooey residue and replace it with a piece of thin sticky backed felt. You can find it at a hardware store, they use them for the bottom of chair legs.

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