asked Nov 12, 2015 at 4:31pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo R2400

Paper feeds straight through without printing on an Epson R2400

When I send a print job the paper feeds, but it does not stop when it reaches the print head, and the printer does not begin sweeping the heads back and forth. Instead the paper continues to feed until it is fully ejected. The power light blinks and the paper light is on solid. This light combination is not in the documentation (at least that I can see.)

Does anyone know what is wrong? Is it possible that the feed roller is worn out?

The printer behaves the same way when attempting to print the internal test page. (pg 96 of the user's guide) This leads me to believe the problem is in hardware.

I was able to get it to print the internal test page by holding down the sheet paper feed button while turning the machine on -- then continuing to hold the sheet paper feed button. It took several attempts, feeding a page straight through, but eventually it caught the sheet and printed. So it may be a timing issue as others have mentioned. It could still mean that the feed rollers are worn out. The back side of the large D-shaped feed roller has visible abrasion on it. The abrasion is difficult to see as the roller does not stay with the flat side exposed.

So, now what?

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