asked Nov 11, 2015 at 2:47pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4SI

13.2 Input jam with duplexer at power on

The short version is I am guessing I need a working duplexer PCA and was wondering if there is a known good one available for less than an arm and a leg.

The printer originally failed with an intermittent (eventually becoming solid) 55 Communications Error on power on. The most likely culprits from here and other places seemed to be the DC Controller, the main motor, or the Formatter board. I'll skip most of the tale of woe and intrigue from getting a bad replacement DC controller initially, but eventually found that the issue appears to have been that. In the meantime, I had replaced all of the above, the DC power supply, and because things got damaged along the way, the DC controller/HV cable & its associated rail and the left main block. After this, I wound up with the 13.2 input jam at power on, but only with the duplexer.

Note that this was true with the old HV cable as well (the cable was always fine; I had just broken one of the plastic tabs on the rail so it interfered with the insertion/egress of the duplexer), so that is unlikely to be the culprit for the 13.2.

I have now also replaced the paper refeed unit. The old one looked fine on removal, but it would be nice if someone knew a way to test that out of the printer a wiring diagram would help for the refeed sensor as it has 3 wires…

I also replaced the DC controller yet again and have the same problem (used the upgraded version the second time), so I am assuming this is not the issue,, and, thus, the duplexer pca is the only thing left. I am hesitant to spend a lot on one as the duplexer was fine before the whole fiasco with Error 55 started, but it seems like the only thing left that could cause this symptom. Suggestions welcome, and sources for the part. Seems like the PCA is more expensive (if even findable and who knows of what quality) than the whole duplexer, but I already have 2 other duplexers with known bad PCAs (although I thought one of them had the problem that the duplexer just didn't show up, and it seems to now just cause the 13.2 as well, so not sure if this is an issue of error reporting order or not) and don't really want to pay for the shipping on another duplexer if I can avoid it. I live in the southern CA area so local pickup would also be fine.