asked Nov 3, 2015 at 1:43pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

Black line down right side of page

We use our LaserJet 4100 to run reports. We recently had a paper jam up on the printer. We tried pulling the paper out from the back but wouldn't budge so we had to pull it out from the front. After that happened is when we noticed the black lines on the pages. We changed out toner but didn't help. We took apart the back section of the printer and blew it out with canned air that you clean your keyboard with. We had some small black film that came out. We are not sure what that came from.

Any advice that you can give us would be appreciated.

The black film is the upper fuser roller. You need to replace the fuser unit. Not hard to do. Remove the back "door" and flip down the two blue levers. The fuser will slide straight out.

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The film is what goes around the fuser heater. The paper passes between the film and a rubber pressure roller below it. You can either replace the film which involves taking apart the fuser assy. or you can replace the fuser assy. The fuser is easy to remove on that printer. Simply pop off the left side of the back door by pushing inwards with your finger. Then there are 2 blue plastic latches on the back of the fuser.

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