asked Oct 16, 2015 at 1:54pm
Epson Epson WorkForce WF-3540

Printing a test sheet of paper

How do I print a test sheet on my printer to make sure everything is printing properly? It has been so long that I forgot how. I recently changed a cartridge and ever the print has been spotty. Help.


The process of printing a test print from the printer varies by model and manufacturer.

If you will post the brand and model I can provide a specific answer.

In general:

If you printer has no display, only a few buttons or lights the process is usually simple.

Try one of these options:

1) Find a button near a green light (If a light is present). This is usually slightly larger than the other buttons. Press and hold this button for a slow count to 10. Release.

2) For Dell and Brother printers, slowly press the large button 3 times.

3) Turn the printer off. While holding the large button down, turn the printer back on.

If the printer has a display then you simply need to navigate the menus.

For HP, you will need to look for the "Information" menu and choose "Print Configuration"

For Brother, you will select reports, then "Machine Status"

For other brands the processes are similar.

I hope this helps.


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