Lake Nokomis

asked Aug 18, 2015 at 3:13pm
Epson Epson WorkForce WF-3540

ADF Phantom Paper Jam 0X05

I am convinced that this paper jam error is a manufacturer-induced logic bomb to get me to buy a new printer. I fill my own cartridges and have been doing so successfully for years. I had owned the 3540 for 16 months when I got this ADF jam error. I rarely use the adf. Days before this error, I changed my routine to refilling my black cartridge weekly instead of letting it run down to a point that caused air in my print head. A day after my first refill, I was blocked from using my printer by the aforementioned error message. I literally took apart my printer, tested the sensors and have done everything humanly possible to detect the source of the error. I have not tried yet to flash my logic board, but that is the next step. This is the third case of an error message that has come out of the clear blue that I have become aware of. One on another Epson and one on a Cannon. I cannot help but feel that this is planned obsolescence, but I thought I could get more than a year out of this machine. I am interested in the experiences of others..