asked Aug 5, 2000 at 8:12pm
Hp HP DeskJet 694C


I wonder if you received my e mail of 8/2 regarding my printer. It will print one page and then we get error messages that there is a paper jam or that the printer is not communicating with the computer. There isn't a paper jam and if we shut the printer off and try again, we may get another page before it stops.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.
Ellen Rosenthal
The only thing I can think of that might cause this would be a sticking OOPS flag. OOPS stands for out of paper sensor. When the paper enters the printing area, it pushes up on the flag which unblocks a light beam in the sensor. When the paper exits the printer, the light beam is blocked again telling the printer it is ready for the next page. Perhaps the flag is sticking in the up position and falls down on its own. You would have to remove the cover, 2 #20 torx screws in the front tray and 2 latches for the rear cover, 4 more for the main cover. It's a bit tricky the first time you do it. You also have to disconnect the electrical connector to the front panel or you'll tear the wiring to it when you remove the cover.
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