asked Aug 3, 2000 at 6:41am
Apple Apple StyleWriter I

PLW NT constant jam

I have a PLW NT that recently started jamming every page, down below the toner cartridge. An authorized Apple repair shop ( very small one) says the problem "might" be the toner cart and "might" be the fuser assembly but they don't really know. I wasn't exactly impressed with the thoroughness of their diagnostics -- it seemed to be more "there's a toner cart and a fuser assembly there, so they might be the problem".

I note a repair kit for "HP IIP/IIIP inside accordion jam". I also note another message in the forum which says that the PLW NTR (not NT) engine is the same as the HP IIP.

1) Does this kit apply to the PLW NT also?

2) How likely is this to fix the problem, based on the short description above, as opposed to the possibilities outlined by the shop I took it to?


Edward Reid

I need to know exactly where the paper stops. You could have a worn pickup assembly. Look at the highest part of the roller and see if it's shiny. You can press down on the solenoid plate on the right to release the roller so you can turn it. If it makes it to the front of the toner cartridge, then crumples, our kit will fix it. I can tell you stories about repair shops all day. One of my computer consultant clients recently rescued one with the same problem from an "authorized" repair shop. Cost him $45 for the diagnosis. They wanted $230 to do the repair. We fixed it for him for less than the cost of the diagnosis. Read our testimonial page and you'll see a $250 repair that was done for $1.
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