asked Aug 1, 2000 at 8:40am
Unknown Printer

Moe, help. Fairure in a QMS magicolor 330

Hello everybody
and for you Moe,

There is a color laser QMS magicolor 330. It prints leaving blanc banding (e.g. on top of page) and then prints blur image. Moe, I reliant to you. The person who sent the laser for service took this answer: "the mainboard has a problem. We will order the mainbord from Holand and the repairing cost will be $1800". That nonsense!!! And I think they believe this.

I think the problem may be is from bad ground of the OPC drum. But I don't understand why the remaining image is blur.

This person may become one of my customers for color toner refilling.

Moe please help. May this help me to do some busines.


I forgot some additional info. The owner of the laser said that when the printer is about to print bad page, a noise (something like crack) heard from the printer. He learn to know when the printer will print a bad page. Also notice a smell like "electricity".


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