asked Jul 29, 2000 at 8:03am
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HP LJ lll - Fuser or AC board ?

Hi, my laserjet 3 will turn on and run a successful self test but then after about 5 minutes it will show a service error 50. I don't think its the
fuser thats bad because I can get one or two sheets printed before it shows
the 50 code. I have noticed when looking through the vent holes in the metel box that covers the AC (i think) board that diode D-2 appears a bit burnt with its leads having a blueish tint to them. Would that diode have any
thing to do with causing the error 50?
What is the proper way to remove the AC board from the printer? Also, does the thermister on the fuser act as a on\\off switch for the fuser lamp or is it just a sensor to trigger error conditions?



The most common cause of a service 50 error on the HP LJIII is the ac power module. I think what you are referring to is the DC module. The AC power module is located just to the left of the fuser assembly. You'd have to remove the cover and the fuser assembly. Also the ozone filter housing and the upper fan. Everything is modular. If you order the 50 service kit from our Printer Repair Kit link above, you'll get an ac power module and an instructional video.
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