asked Jul 24, 2000 at 11:40am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple Laserwriter Pro 810 "Q Gear" replacement?

Does anyone know a source where I can obtain the "q gear" as Apple calls it. It's the gear that drives the fuser. Also any sources for other gears for this printer would be appreciated. TIA

Greg Fuller ([email protected])

If memory serves me right, that's the same as a Compaq Pagemark 15/20 and Data Products LZR 15/20.
Both the Fuji/Xerox 15/20 engine. This goes back several years ago, but I think I remember the gear had 14 teeth. I looked at it and it looked very much like an SX 14 tooth fuser gear. Being innovative, I shimmed out the gear and it worked. Check the gear and if it's got 14 teeth, or what's left of them and you have a bit of creativity and some thin washers... Other than that, I remember having checked the price and they wanted something like $12 for it. Like I said this was about 5 years ago, and yesterday is already getting fuzzy. I'm still pretty sharp for an old guy.
by moe on Jul 24, 2000 at 8:11pm Add comment
Moe, if it's the gear I am thinking about too, it seems it was bigger than that. More like the 20 tooth gear on the fuser, only thinner. Somewhere in my mass of junk in my warehouse I have on them gears brand new. I seem to recall I got them from someone that dealt in Dataproducts parts.
by Raymond on Jul 25, 2000 at 9:04pm Add comment