asked Jul 22, 2000 at 11:33am
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Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR Squeals

Printer sqwaks and squeals when warming up or printing. I assume it needs maintenence. Any info on tech manuals or how to for basic work I could perform myself?
There really are only 2 things that cause noise on the printer. The first would be the toner cartridge. That can be easily determined by removing it, turning it over and opening the shutter. Turn the gear with your thumb and see if it makes noise. There's a rubber squeegee that cleans the drum. If it gets dry it'll squeal just like a dry squeegee will on a window. The other thing would be the cork separation pad on the bottom of the printer. It pops out real easy by pulling on the clear plastic tab. If it gets shiny it'll make a high pitched groaning sound when the paper feeds.
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