asked Jul 19, 2000 at 10:35am
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LJ IIP jams feeding from MP tray

My LJ IIP intermittently fails to feed paper from the MP tray. I hear a groaning, squealing noise as the paper edge is picked up and stops after travelling 1/4 inch or so.
I've tried cleaning the rollers with rubber rejuvenator, and the little cork pad on the bottom support of the feed assembly, and it gets better for a while but then fails again.
Which part actually needs to be replaced - I'm not even sure which of the three that contact the paper in this operation is actually the one that is slipping.
Looked through the common DIY kits for the IIP/IIIP and they all seem to address paper exit problems, not feed problems.
You want to look at the 2 pickup rollers and check if the leading edge is shiny. If this is the case, rubber rejuve won't help you have to replace the rollers. Since this is strangely enough a really difficult job, you should replace the whole assembly. That will probably be a kit in the near future. We just acquired new video equipt. and are going to revamp the whole kit lineup. New, more professionally done videos, more kits. The site is an ongoing thing and will never be done, just keep on getting better. If you're interested in a pickup assembly, I've got them in stock.
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