asked Jul 18, 2000 at 3:17pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4SI

hp 4si mx gives 13.2 error when trying to print legal

my printer gives me a 13.2 error of paper jam. but no paper is jammed, i have taken it all apart to no avail. it will not print a legal size document.
Are you using a Legal size tray to print from, or are you using the manual feed method on top of a letter tray? Sounds like you may not have the printer properly configured. Also, if you have a Letter and a Legal tray, swap them around. Make sure the printer knows which tray is which. Could be a bad switch, and the printer thinks the Legal tray is a Letter. I am not real hip on the printer configuration of the 4si.

Basically what is happening, is the printer thinks that a Letter size piece of paper is going through the printer, and when a certain sensor detects the paper too soon, or sees paper when there shouldn't be, it's shows up as a paper jam, even though it's not physically jammed. The printer's sensors are expecting an 11" long piece of paper, and a 14" piece of paper will make the printer think something's wrong. The same if the opposite happened.


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