asked Jul 9, 2000 at 3:50pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5P

HP LaserJet 5P printing all black pages

I've recently purchased a LaserJet 5P and upon testing it realized that it was printing all black pages.
I've read the reply posted to the msg of 7/2/00 describing a similiar problem with a IIP.
The cartridge of the 5P, however, does not appear to hold the drum in place with a similiar screw assembly and hence
I have been unable to effect a repair analogous to that described therein (I am also
unsure of why moving the drum axel laterally should have an effect on the paper's (?)
contact with the drum).

Another symptom of the problem may be that toner comes out of the catridge onto the drum
even if it turned manually when out of the printer.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

I haven't seen this on a 5P before. It is common on the 2P/3P. Pulling the pin out gives it a better contact to the hv contact in the printer. The only thing that can cause a black page is lack of high voltage to the drum in the cartridge. Either the contact is not making or you have a faulty cartridge.
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I am having some difficulty with the same printer. Prints all pages black. I did get 1/2 page test. 2 cartridges both do the same thing.
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