asked Jun 26, 2000 at 11:57am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple Laswer Writer Pro: Entry Jam?

I was having problems with accordian folds on exit, now solved by the relevant kit. However the printer is now jamming when a sheet is about half way thru the printing process. It starts up as if to print OK, then when the sheet is about between toner and fuser, with its front end just beginning to from the fuser, printing stops and it posts a jam light. So the paper never gets a chance to use my new born again exit rollers! help!
Sounds like the fuser drive gear. If you pull out the fuser (2 screws), be careful of the right side when you slide it out. Look at the left side and you'll see a white gear that drives the fuser. Rotate it with your fingers and check for broken teeth. You can replace just this gear, but its a bit of disassembly to get to it as the screws that hold it are buried under the logic board and motor.
by moe on Jun 26, 2000 at 9:57pm Add comment
OK. I've had a look at the fuser drive gears; they were dirty, but no teeth were actually broken. I've cleaned them out, but still have the jam, when the paper front end is about 2 inches through the fuser. Could the problem be in the fuser unit itself? - unknown
You have to realize you are acting as my eyes, so I have to go by what you see. The only other thing it could be is the fuser exit sensor arm. This is a black plastic arm that hangs down on the right side of the fuser, the other end sticks up above the fuser. The paper hits it and it moves against another arm mounted in the printer which blocks a photo sensor up on top of the printer. If the sensor doesn't see the paper exit, it will give you a paper jam. Check the movement of the arm and make sure it isn't loose in its mount. You might also rotate the gears in the fuser and see if they move freely. Its very rare for these gears to break, but it could happen. - moe
Hi Moe — many thanks for your help. I think you've got it (developing psychic powers?). The gears I looked at yesterday are OK, and the fuser gears move freeely, but I'm not convinced about the sensor arm. It seems loose in its mounting. I'm also concerned, when I inspect it, in that at the top of it there's a small screw mounted laterally through it, which doesn't seem to be attached to anything, but just runs through the little hole in the arm at the top. Has something come adrift here? I'm comforted that it goofed up before I removed the fuser to renew the exit assembly rollers with your kit, so I don't think I broke it doing that; but pretty sure that you've diagnosed the problem. It's the arm loose. What can be done about that, please? - unknown
The screw is a weight that makes the arm go back to its resting place after the paper moves it. Its a bit difficult to take the fuser assembly apart which is the only good way to reset the arm. Hopefully, the fragile arm supports didn't break. All the parts are available, we stock them. If you feel like you need guidance, we have a fuser disassembly video that isn't yet up on our site. The video by itself is $19 + $3 shipping. - moe