asked Jun 16, 2000 at 1:15pm
Brother Brother HL 4

Brother Laser Image Compression

I have a Brother WL-660 laser operating
under Win95. Outside of poor envelope
handling performance, it worked fine
until a year ago. It now compresses prints
of Internet subjects into the top left
corner of the sheet - the image measures
3-1/2" wide by 4-1/2" high. The second
page - if there is a second page - prints
properly as does anything printed from
Office 97. I have the latest drivers
installed. Gateway says Brother's to
blame and Brother says the same about
Gateway. Any ideas would be much
A laser printer will only print what it is told to print. It doesn't know the difference between an internet document or a word document. Has to be a driver problem and I don't care who tells you it isn't.
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