asked Jun 16, 2000 at 4:08am
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Dataproducts LZR 960 waste box full message?

My LZR 960 is driving me nuts by displaying a waste box full message even after I have fitted a new toner cartridge. I don't have a manual for it, but I have emptied the small plastic box to the side of the drum with a small fuse-like thing on it.
Is there some simple explanation?
There's always a simple explanation. That's a Sharp JX9500 engine. You should have got a new waste bottle with the toner cartridge. The fuse blows when you power up the printer and resets the message. I believe it's a 1/20 amp fuse. Real hard to find. There are also 2 switches that should trip at the bottom of the waste bottle holder. These confirm the presence of the waste bottle in the printer.
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