asked Jun 9, 2000 at 9:50am
Unknown Printer

truncation of print

I have a Personal LaserWriter NT that has recently begun flashing both orange lights. According to your short list of fixes, that would be the scanner motor that needs fixing/replacing.

Before this happened, the printer was leaving off the bottom half or less of the printing on the first page done after at least about a 30 second pause. To get around this I discovered I could print a blank page then print the real thing and there would be no truncation of the printing. The cut-off wasn't a slow fade-out, just an abrupt transition to blankness.

I have been told that it could have been the heat lamp (located inside a roller?) that was going bad. Will the "2 lights flashing" kit fix this too?

There are 2 kits. One is 2 flashing lights at warmup (fuser lamp). The other is 2 flashing lights at print command (scanner). They are totally unrelated problems. If it were an HP version of that engine, you would get either a 50 error on the display or a 52. Apple choose to make the printer look pretty, save money and eliminate the display. If you flip out the face down exit tray in front and power up the printer, you should be able to see the fuser lamp light up through the cracks in the front of the printer.
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I had missed the fine point of WHEN the two orange lights flash upon reading my on-line-obtained-manual. Mine would then be the fuser lamp problem.

But I don't see that kit on the page listing repair kits.

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