asked Jun 7, 2000 at 1:22pm
Hp HP LaserJet 6L

Laserjet 6L Fuser

According to the HP Customer Care folks
the fuser on my 6L has failed. This
was determined from the status lights
(all 3 were on after power up, then the
middle light was off when the function
buttion was depressed. If this diagnosis
is correct then is the replacing the
fuser a reasonable thing for me to do?
Are there other things that should be
replaced along with the fuser? I have no
fear about disassembling the printer to work
on it. I should add that before I got in
contact with HP I had pretty much
disassembled the printer to do my usual
re-seat of connectors, removing dust, etc.
It power up fully after that (previously
the laser would spin up briefly then the
error lights would go on), but it would
not feed. Another disassembly showed that
a solenoid that prevents the "D" roller
from turning was not actuating. Any
connection between the fuser problem and
the feed problem? Lastly,
in my first disassembly I went so far as
pull the laser subunit and check its
internals. In retrospect this may not have
been a good idea. Enough for now.

Marc G.

You're going to need a new ceramic heating assembly. P/n RG5-3459. This is just the top part with the mylar sleeve. No connection with the solenoid problem. I've never seen a solenoid go bad on that printer, I don't think I've ever seen one go bad, just get sticky because of bad damper pads.
Don't know what to tell you on the scanner, hope you didn't mess with the beam unit. If you messed up the alignment, it's toast.
by moe on Jun 7, 2000 at 11:14pm Add comment
Thanks Moe. I'm in Marina Del Rey, so I can come an pick up a fuser (RG5-3459). Is it in stock and how much is it? Does it include installation instructions? I'll just tinker with the solenoid till its clear what the problem is. The scanner I'm not too worried about, I'm generally careful with things. Regards, Marc

P.S. Your FAQ page appears empty.

- unknown
We're kind of weird for a service company, we like to fix everything the same day. We usually have most everything in stock. Come on down, it
would be safer to call first and make sure. I'm not at the office now, but I'm pretty sure we have one on the shelf. We'll give you a couple of pointers on installation. I didn't know we had a faq page.
by moe on Jun 8, 2000 at 7:29pm Add comment
Do you have refurbished units. If I have "toasted" the printer with my poking around I would like to minimize costs before I find that out. BTW, I've confirmed the fuser being shot. Took it apart down to the actual ceramic element. Split, and for real toasted (actually, only slightly on the ends). Is that what I replace or the larger mylar sheathed unit. Why is it so fragile? Looks designed to fail after awhile. I'll call tomorrow, Friday.
Marc G.
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