asked May 27, 2000 at 12:03pm
Unknown Printer

LJ5n fusing problem

As you look at a printed page from the LJ5N, on the left side you can occassionally
notice what appears to be a very faint, vertical scrape mark down the entire 11of
the page. This occurs about 1/2from the left edge of the page. Furthermore, the
toner wipes of along that path. If I were to print the left side of my document all
black, I could wipe off a thin, vertical line down the lenght of the page. Suggestions?
Cost of repairs? A do-it-yourself job? I do hardware/software support at a
university, but I don't do printers (yet!)
I think I just fielded this one on one of the printer ngs. We have a kit ready to go, but we're waiting on our webmaster to put our new kit lineup on our site. We've got about 8 or 10 new kits going up. Hopefully, it will be up soon. If you can't wait, email me directly and I'll fix you up with one.
by moe on May 29, 2000 at 9:38pm Add comment