asked Mar 31, 2000 at 11:51pm
Hp HP Digital Copier 410

QMS 410 error light

Hi Moe!

You've been so helpful in the past, I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction again. I've got a QMS 410 in good working condition, I also picked up a HP LJ IIP in non working condition (error 52), assuming the scanner motor was the problem in the HP I took it out of the QMS and put it in the HP, it worked. I put a new scanner motor in the HP, sold it, and returned the old scanner motor to the QMS (I didn't test it afterwards). That was several months ago. A few days ago I needed to use the QMS but I got the "printer error" light after about 10 seconds after turning it on. I assumed I forgot to plug one of the terminals in after the scanner motor swap, pulled it apart but everything seemed fine. Now I assumed that I accidently put the bad scanner motor from the HP in it and threw the good one out. So I picked up another motor, a new one, put it in but I still get the error light. I've rechecked my work, even tried a different cart but I still get the light. Do you have any ideas what I may have done to make the error light come on? I don't hear the scanner motor winding up, but I can't remember if it winds up during the power on self test or not. The fan runs but that's all I get until the error light comes on. This printer also used to have the bottom paper cartridge installed, but I removed it and sold it with the HP, could that be the problem. I appreciate any help you can give,


It could be a couple of things. Look through the
cracks in the front of the machine when you turn it on and see if you can see the fuser light come on. It could also be a bad density control board. The scanner doesn't spin up until you send a print command to it.
by moe on Apr 1, 2000 at 5:04pm Add comment
Moe, the fuser light isn't coming on. I was so fixated on the scanner motor swap that I didn't think of anything else. With the fuser assembly out I checked the 2 pin plug in the left of the front cover and I'm reading 120 volts there. Also, I'm getting continuity through the fuser bulb so I think the fuser bulb itself is good. I checked the wires and terminal ends on the 3 pin side of the fuser back to the circuit board and it all appears good. Without a known good fuser to swap in is there any test I can do to determine if the fuser assembly is bad? Or is a continuity check across the bulb good enough for my purpose? I still get the feeling it was something I did during the scanner motor swap that is causing the problem, if not it's a heck of a coincidence! If I've got power at the 2 pin fuser connector, and assuming the fuser is good, then the problem must be on the board that completes the circuit to light the lamp when it's needed....is that right or am I totally off base here?


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