asked Mar 13, 2000 at 11:00pm
Unknown Printer

Everex LaserBeam


I happen to have an Everex LaserBeam printer.
I searched in vain the web for any information
about either the manufacturer or this venerable

Does anybody know of this one? Is it a piece of junk
(the mechanics look great - no plastic parts as today's
printers)? Is it really PostScript capable?

I'm questionning that because the printer doesn't work
(keeps saying to change the drum) but I don't want to fork
money into somethigh that is not worth.

Thank you,


The printer uses a TEC 1305 engine made by Tokyo Electric Co. When you open the lid, in the front right hand corner you'll see a black or green plug in module with a little pull tab on top. This is the counter module. When it hits a specified page count, it shuts the printer down. I think I have some replacement boards in stock for the black module. Haven't had any requests for the drum unit in over a year. I guess everyone is throwing their old printers out.
by moe on Mar 14, 2000 at 10:11pm Add comment
Dear Moe,

Can you tell more about the printer, besides the printing engine?

What languages does it understand? How much memory does it have? Is it a 300dpi printer?

How about the counter? Is it counting every single page or receives "hints" about every let's say 10 or 100? Can I fool it just to verify that the printer is still working? The drum looks OK to my unexperienced eye (no scratches, no dirt spots etc.)

Thank you,


- unknown
It's a 12 year old printer. 300dpi, 512K and I believe a 6ppm print speed. It is the same engine that was used on the Epson 6000, Okidata,
and others. It was a very popular engine in its
time. Hard to get stuff for it nowadays as it is unsupported. You can not fool it in any way. The
counter module has to be replaced. I believe it counts to 15000 copies and then shuts down. I'm just going by memory as I haven't worked on one in quite awhile.
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