asked Feb 29, 2000 at 12:02am
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

Exra pages printing in WP for DOS w/HP Laserjet 6p

Have an HP Laserjet 6p at work which is printing extra pages from
WordPerfect 6.1 for DOS--the extra page is blank except for some printer
code at the top, such as '5X', 2345X', or 'T'--it varies. The other pages
are all fine.

OS is Win 98 SE, computers are networked as peer to peer, the printer is

I took the printer home and it does the same thing on my two networked
computers, also Win 98 SE. However, it only does this if the printer is
local--if I print from WP on the other computer through the network, no
extra pages show up.

Tried all kinds of settings, drivers, etc.--is the printer broke or is there
some conflict with Win 98 se & WP for DOS?

If it were windows I'd say it was a driver problem. Since you're printing through DOS it's a little more difficult. The extra page with garhage on it is a communications error. Could be a bad or loose cable or something in the wordperfect software. It's never the printer's fault.
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