asked Feb 27, 2000 at 6:07pm
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Personal LaserWriter LS Paper Pickup/Fuser Assembly

I haev am Apple Personal LaserWriter LS. It started not picking up the paper from the tray, and the only way I could get it to take paper was to remove the swing-down paper tray and feed the paper into the rollers by hand (not too fun...). So, I opened it up to look for a problem, but discovered I really didn't know what all the parts were for, so, I didn't really take much apart. When I put the printer back together, I ended up with a second problem: The printer complains about a fuser assembly malfunction. I guess my questions are:

(1) Could I have done something just by looking around briefly in the front of the printer that could have caused this error, or did the fuser assembly just happen to go bad at that moment?

(2) Is is possible to fix the fuser assembly?

and (3) assuming I can get the printer working again, what can I do to fix the paper pickup problem?

I know that this printer is ancient now, but it's churned out pages for quite some time and I was happy with the way things were :-). Thanks in advance for any help.

It's really hard to tell what damage you've done without seeing the printer. The pickup roller assembly is easy to replace, just 3 screws, we stock them. The fuser assembly could be a burned out lamp, could be coincidental, don't know how much you disassembled. We have a comprehensive video on that LX engine that shows everything.
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