asked Feb 27, 2000 at 5:52am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Laser Jet 4M Plus 'prints' empty pages

I've got a HP Laser Jet 4M Plus. It prints always empty pages.
I tried the test print in the test menue but all i got was also a white paper.
Everything seems fine, it shows no error but the paper is always white. I changed the
toner cartridge with no effect. Is there a solution?

Thanks a lot,


It's still a computer or cable problem, not a printer problem. Disconnecting the cable after it's already got a corrupt command won't stop it from printing gibberish. You can prove it's not the printer by going into the self test menu and initiating a test page. It will print one self test page and quit. Try using an HPII or HPIII driver.
by moe on Aug 21, 2005 at 8:49am Add comment
Thanks! I changed the cable and downloaded the driver. Problem solved!!! - Anonymous
Only thing that will cause a blank page without any error codes is a failed high voltage power supply. Pretty easy to replace, you can see it if you remove the paper tray and turn the printer over. Rectangular black plastic box held in by a couple of screws. We have them in stock.
by moe on Feb 28, 2000 at 8:35pm Add comment
My HP Laser Jet prints continously and will not stop as long as the tray has paper. Even when I disconnect the cable from the computer it continues to print. The printing is gobblely-gook-symbols across the top and down the right hand side of the page. I've unstalled and reinstalled the driver several Xs but the problem continues.

John Gordon
by John Gordon on Aug 21, 2005 at 8:46am Add comment

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