asked Feb 23, 2000 at 5:11am
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2 dead Apple Laserwriter NTX

I have 2 dead Laserwriters NTX . They both give the 2 red blinking LEDs , meaning they need service , meaning something's wrong with either the fuser or AC power. I checked the lamp in the fuser. In the first printer the lamp came on ,stayed on until the fuser started to smoke :-) In the second printer the lamp doesn't come on at all.
Does this mean I have 2 good fusers and twice a bad AC-block ? By the way , where is the AC located ?


Sounds like 2 bad AC power blocks. I hope you didn't let the first one go to long. It's shorted out and will eventually blow out the lamp and actually melt the fuser. The other one sounds like it is probably the ac power block as well. The ac power block is located just to the right of the fuser. The fuser actually plugs into the block. We have power supplies available as well as a video if you need one.
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