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how a printer functions

would anybody out there be able to tell me (in detail) how a laser printer works please? thanks.
It's done with high voltage charges. There is a photo-conductive drum that the image is formed on. It gets a high voltage charge from either a corona wire or a corona roller on later models. The toner is charged with a like polarity charge. The laser beam is pulsed via a spinning mirror on the surface of the drum. 300,600 or 1200 times per inch horizontally and 300,600, or 1200 lines of dots per inch vertically. That's a lot of pulses. Wherever the laser beam hits the surface of the drum, it neutralizes the charge. The toner is repelled from the drum, except where the laser beam has written the info. The image is formed on the drum. There is either a transfer corona wire or corona roller directly under the surface of the drum below the paper. It pulls the toner down on to the surface of the paper where it lays until it is fused to the paper in the fixing (fuser) assembly under 180 degrees C of heat and pressure.
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