asked Sep 14, 2000 at 3:49am
Hp HP LaserJet 4L

HP laserjet 4L equal to what printer ???

Hi, i have a HP Laserjet 4L, and it have a problem with picking up paper from the tray (i think).
When i get an error, there always is a paper half throug and one is picked up, but maby not correct.... ??
If i print one page it almost evry time runs fine, but when i have more pages normaly only the forst one goes fine, and then error on the 2´nd, but first after the printer have picked up the 3´rd page from the tray.....

Ok, i´d like to repair my printer, and i can not see any kit for a HP 4L, so what HP Printer is equal to the HP 4L ????

Pleace help, it would make me very happy..... :-)


PS! I´m sorry for my poor writen english, but at least i try the bedst i can.... :-)

We don't have any kits for the 4L yet. We are developing new kits all the time. The 4L is a Canon PX engine. It was used in the Canon LBP 430 and the Apple PLW 300 printers also. It sounds like you need to replace your pickup assembly. You'll have to take apart the entire printer to get to it. All the electronics boards and the fuser assembly have to come out to access it.
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