asked Aug 25, 2000 at 3:13am
Hp HP CopyJet Color

HP 630 Color is wrong

I've had my HP Color OfficeJet 630 for a little over a year now (the general breakdown deadline for most HPs). I recently got a new computer on which I reinstalled the HP software, but now, when I try printing a color document, the colors don't match. For example, what's yellow on my screen, comes out green on paper. So far I have bought new cartridges and realigned them in addition to downloading various 600 series drivers, but this has not worked.I would love to ask HP support how to fix this, but it seems they reward loyalty from their consumers with a $2.50/minute charge (up to $25) if you've had your printer for over a year. Considering it's right about this time their printers fall apart, this shouldn't be overly surprising ... yet it is. If anyone knows how to fix this (the color matching problem), please let me know. Or, if you know of an excellent multifunction printer for under $300 dollars that is NOT an HP, please let me know that.
I guess I'm not the only one that figured out that the HP officejets have a 13 month life span. Unfortunately under $300 and good don't add up when you are buying multifunction printers, especially ink jet ones. We work on them in our shop and they are all bad. Don't know which I don't like more, the Xerox, Canon, Brother. Can't fix the HPs at all because they won't sell parts for it. As for the color problem, you'll probably have to send it back to HP in Corvallis.
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